The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention  authorized the Sexual Abuse Task Force to report to the 2022 meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. The task force was given the mandate of carrying out the will of the member churches of the SBC to address sexual abuse in the SBC. The convention member congregations provided the funding that allowed a world-class organization like Guidepost Solutions to conduct a thorough and independent investigation and report on those findings. You can find an overview of the scope of that investigation HERE.


Following the work that Guidepost completed, that report  was made public on May 22, 2022.  You can read the official report from Guidepost Solutions HERE.


Subsequently, a list of 700 cases of abuse by SBC clergy and others over the period of several years was also made public.. Within that report, there is an entry that includes a former member of FBC. You can find that list HERE.


The Eldership and congregation of FBC are grieved by the findings of the report. On Sunday, May 29th, 2022, at the conclusion of the morning message, the Elders addressed the report and the issue of Sexual Abuse in response to both the SBC commissioned investigation carried out by Guidepost Solutions, and the mention of FBC on the subsequent list.
We have provided the link above to provide clarity on our commitment to transparency and ongoing efforts to protect any and all persons from the evils of Sexual Abuse and any other questionable behaviors in the future.



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